Peg Perego Viaggio HBB 120 Review


Every year the United States witnesses a large number of vehicle accidents, and survey shows that of the many road accidents that occur across the United States and the casualties suffered, almost 20% and higher, are children who suffer the most, this occurs due to the carelessness and negligence of their parents to see that the children were not buckled up or in the car seat restrained.

In a year-long study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) across the United States, it was found that more than 618,000 children who were in the age group of 0 to 12 traveled in cars without adhering to safety standards of wearing either a seat belt or using the car seat or booster seat.

It was found that the use of appropriate car seats alone can reduce the risk of injury or death by 80% whereas using a booster seat reduces the risk of being injured seriously to above 45%.

A study conducted across 5 states of the United States who raised the age requirement to 8 years for mandatory use of car seat or booster car seat, the rate tripled in the use of car seats by children and the ratio of children who sustained serious or fatal injury reduced by 17%.

Peg Perego Viaggio HBB 120 Features

The Peg Perego Viaggio HBB 120, Crystal Black by Peg Perego is one such High Back Booster car seat that is manufactured for use in a car. If your child is between the ages of 4 years to 8 years and weighs between 40 to 120 pounds this car seat can be the ideal one that will provide safety as well as comfort.

The Peg Perego brand of car seats is manufactured in Italy. At first glance when you visit the store you will find it appealing and will notice how it will add to the looks of your car.


The 2 toned microfiber fabric acts like a filter. They absorb moisture and provide a cool and soothing experience. They are tailored to provide your child with maximum comfort and safety. The car seat itself looks like a premium car seat.

This High Back Booster car seat is a front faced car seat as mandated by the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration, with a maximum height of 57 inches.


The 6 functions of the head panel in vertical position provides comfortable headrest even while your child is growing up. The foam used is Expanded Poly Styrene this material is used to absorb and cushion your child’s head and body from sudden jerks and shocks during travel or in the event of a crash.

To provide a comfortable long journey the car seat and the backrest can be adjusted to different positions.

The backrests are removable and can be taken away during transportation or during travel. However, it is strongly advised to keep the backrest as these provide crash safety to your child in the event of a collision.

Peg Perego has introduced the (SIPS) feature in their car seats to provide for maximum safety to your child’s head, back and lower torso if involved in a side impact accident.


The armrests on either side are equipped with a cup holder for holding a water bottle or soft drinks and snacks during long journeys, these cup holder tabs are conveniently located under the seat and they are retractable.

The gray colored bar on the bottom of the car seat allows you to recline at an angle or keep upright the car seat depending on how comfortable your child feels.

When not in use the Latch connectors in the car seat keep the booster car seat in place and offer extra stability.

Peg Perego claims that all of their products from design, conceptualization to manufacturing is performed only by professionals at Peg Perego.

This product is covered under Peg Perego’s warranty of 2 years. 





Retailing at a slightly higher price than competition, the Peg Perego Viaggio High Back Booster 120, Crystal Black is a great value product.

It is manufactured in Italy by Peg Perego the experts in children toys and products. The car seat from its design, conceptualization to manufacturing is done only at the factory of Peg Perego, thus eliminating chances of the inferior quality of material or workmanship being used.

The booster car seat is designed to carry a maximum weight of 120 pounds with a maximum height of 57 inches. The fabric used in the car seat feels premium. They have used a 2 tone microfiber fabric that allows for absorption of moisture and provide for cooling.

The invention and use of its safety method using the Side Impact Protection System is a feature that outdoes some of its competitors in the market. This feature is a great boon for the family with children saving them from fear of possible injury to their child in the event of a side collision.

The head panel and the seat that comes fitted with Expanded Poly Styrene foam provides excellent protection to the head and absorbs sudden shocks.

For added safety, the Latch provides extra stability to the booster car seat when not in use thus preventing the booster car seat becoming a projectile in case of sudden braking.

Even if your child outgrows the weight requirement or turns 8+ just take out backrest and you have a backless booster car seat.

It has retractable cup holders on either side mean you can easily provide for water bottle storage during travel.

This product weighs only 15 pounds; therefore it is lightweight and can be easily fitted to your car seat belt.