Graco Highback Turbobooster Review 2019

The GracoTurboBooster has a high back with a steady seat. It is for kids who are growing up and would like to enjoy their drive in style and comfort. If you have a child, a booster is important for their safety. Parents invest in the best boosters for their child’s safety and comfort.  The GracoTurboBooster is a child-friendly booster that has features like cup holders and headrest that is adjustable as per your child’s comfort.


The GracoTurboBooster has a convertible seat that is ideal for big kids weighing around 30 to 100 pounds. The height limit to use this booster is up to 57 inches. The depth of the car seat is 10.5 inches, width outside the car seat is 16.75 inches and height of the car seat is 25.4 inches. The booster is secured to the car seat with the Latch system. The adjustment in the front can be secured with one-hand easily and quickly to the seat of the vehicle. The booster is fixed in place with the secure connection, even when the seat is not occupied. It is easy to buckle in the high backrest that is steady. The front latch is for securing the seat to the vehicle when it is not occupied. However, it also facilitates self-buckling, and your kid will be secure in the seat with a shoulder belt and lap belt. Your child will feel independent and grown up when they start doing things on their own like buckling and unbuckling the seat belt. The backrest is adjustable as your child grows taller in height It has a cup holder to enjoy juice, water or even snacks while on the go. It also has a compartment to store your child’s favorite toys and snacks. This hide-away compartment is just at your arm’s reach to reach out for your favorite snack while on a long journey or a long drive. The cup holder is hidden away at the bottom of the seat you may initially find it difficult to locate the cup holder. In case, if there is a potty incident, the cushion covers are removable for wash. The seat cushion is washable in a washing machine whereas, metal parts, as well as the plastic parts, can be washed with water and soap. The weight of the product is 10.55 pounds, and the dimension of the product is 15.5 x 16.2 x 8.6 inches. graco highback turbobooster


It covers a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase. The color of the booster is black and red. It is very reasonably priced which is quite budget-friendly when compared to other boosters in the market.  The seat is lightweight, and you can carry from one vehicle to another very easily. It is convenient and easy to install and detach from one vehicle to another.  It fits perfectly in most vehicles as it is narrower than other boosters. Children of all sizes fit perfectly in the GracoTurboBooster.

Who is this for?

After a tiring day, your child can take a nap while on their way home. The shoulder belt and headrest will keep their head in place. When it comes to long drives, the GracoTurboBooster is perfect for your child’s comfort and safety. This booster is not to be used for a toddler. It is for kids who can sit in an upright position. A toddler would require a 5-point harness booster for their safety whereas the Graco boost is for big kids who can easily use the shoulder belt and the lap belt. Ensure your kids always wear both the shoulder and lap belt for their safety. Your child’s safety is important when you’re traveling with them every day to drop them off at school, or when you’re taking them for a play, or soccer match, or skiing. 





Along with safety, Graco has kept comfort in mind while engineering this booster. Graco has quite a good number of positive comments and ratings, and it has been successful in satisfying most parents. Parents can drive with peace of mind knowing their child is safe and secure in the GracoTurboBooster. Let your child grow with the booster. The height of the high back is adjustable as children grow in height, so you don’t have to keep changing the booster as your child grows in age and size. Most kids can use this booster until they are all grown up to use the vehicle seat.