Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat Review

According to the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) a vast majority of the deaths that occur in the United States in car crashes are children in the age group of 1 to 13. Had car seats or booster seats been used in the cars this would have prevented such loss of life in children.

In the year 2016 alone, statistics have shown that 328 children under the age of 5 years were saved due to the use of car seats and booster car seats. Fatalities in the same year due to children being unrestrained in the vehicles were 38%, and 59% of the injuries caused to children was due to the incorrect use of car seats.

The National Highways Traffic Safety Administration provides vital information on the types of car seats and recommended ages for use. Please check the age requirements for use of car seats as per your state.

The Rear-facing car seats are suitable and designed for use by newborn and small babies up to 8 months. From 8 to 3 years it is advisable to use the convertible or all in one seat which is rear facing.

From 2 years to 7 years the NHTSA recommends using forward-facing car seats. From 4 to 12 years the booster car seat is recommended. From Age 9 until 13+ it is recommended that children start using the seat belt.

If you are looking to purchase a backless car seat for your child who is between 4 to 10 years and weighs up to 100 pounds, we review one such product for use by them.

The Graco Backless TurboBooster Car Seat, Galaxy manufactured by Graco weighs as little as 5.1 pounds and is 57 inches in height. This backless booster car seat is ideal for children who weigh from 40 to 100 pounds. It is America’s best selling backless booster car seat for its low price tag and durability.

Apart from being a car seat this backless booster car seat gives your kid a feeling like a big kid as the child now only is seated on the booster car seat with the seat belt strapped.

This backless booster car seat is manufactured by Graco, the trusted brand name in the child care industry who is fully committed to the safety and quality of their products for child use for over 60 years now.

The Graco Testing facility for crash testing at Atlanta, U.S, undertakes rigorous tests to ensure that their products not only meets but exceeds US Safety standards for car seats.

This backless turbo booster car seat is manufactured specially for children who are growing and graduating from harness booster car seats.

This backless booster car seat provides the required height of approximately 4 inches thereby raising your kid when seated in the vehicle, by this the seat belt does not rest on their neck but rather straps across their shoulder.

It is advisable to get an extra soft pad for the shoulder strap as this would provide extra cushioning on the delicate shoulders of your child.

The armrests are padded and height adjustable to provide your child with a comfortable ride.

We all know as parents that children can be un-predictable and naughty. If your child has other siblings there are chances that during the journey they will spill liquids and soil the cars seat. The seat covers are removable and can be machine washed on gentle spin cycle and air dried.

The metal and plastic parts on this backless turbo booster can be washed separately with mild soap and warm water.

The hideaway cup holders are convenient to carry your child’s water bottle, snacks or toys on a journey, when not required just push them from both sides.

This backless Turbobooster car seat comes with a 1-year GRACO manufacturer warranty and 10 years of expiry date from the date of manufacture.





This backless Graco Turbo booster car seat retails at a very low price on Amazon at $24.99 and is America’s best selling backless booster car seat. 

This can be your perfect choice of a booster seat for your growing child, soft cushioned seat and armrests provide for a comfortable journey.