Diono Monterey XT Review 2019

Diono Monterey XT Booster is a car seat made for the safety of children. It is an innovative and multi-use car seat. This booster is backless and also has a high back car seat. A long distance or short distance journey can be enjoyable and safe with the Diono Monterey XT Booster. It is convenient and easy to use for growing children. A journey should be an experience of joy and togetherness with your family. While you’re enjoying your journey, follow safety measures to protect yourself and your family from injuries and accidents. The additional safety for your children is with the use of Diono Monterey XT Booster. As a parent, you can be at peace when you use this booster for your children.


This car seat is created for the safety of children, and it is absolutely reliable and comfortable to use as your children grow in height and weight. The recommended height of children who can use the Diono Monterey XT Booster is from 38 inches up to 63 inches tall. It can easily carry 40 lbs to 120 lbs of weight. The designers have kept safety as a priority while engineering this booster to accommodate growing children. Diono Monterey XT Review


Easy to Set Up

It grows as your child grows. The headrest is adjustable up to 11-position. The shoulder width can be adjusted maximum up to 20 inches width. The side walls are made extra-deep with reinforced walls made of aluminum and EPS foam are lined to ensure protection from side impact. The Monterey booster can easily and securely be installed in a few seconds. The Latch connector is integrated with front adjusters to keep the child in place and secure. It has a spacious leg space andcup as well as snack holders that are retractable and saves space. Your child can enjoy some snacks or French fries and juice while you’re shopping or just going for a long drive. It is a lightweight fabric that can easily be removed when you are not traveling with children. The Diono Monterey child seat can easily be converted into a backless booster. It can conveniently be folded flat to store away. It is light in weight and also easily portable. You can conveniently take it on your every travel. This booster ensures your child’s safety and is very reasonably priced. It is available in gorgeous purple color. The cover is a plush premium fabric made of 100% polyester. It is easy to wash, and the best thing is you can wash it in your washing machine.


The life span of this product is of 6 years and comes with a warranty of 1 year. The dimension of the product is 16 x 20 x 26 inches, and the weight of the product is 13.9lbs. Diono Monterey XT review 2019


More Features

The belt smoothly glides into the belt guides. It can easily be adjusted in width as well as in height, and the anchors hold it safely in place. After a long day at school or after a soccer match, a child needs a comfortable booster. The kids can buckle-up in their seat belt and take a quick nap. The Diono Monterey is just the ideal one for your child after a very long tiring day. This booster does not have a harness of 5 points. The Diono Monterey is a booster with belt position seat. This booster is ideal for children who sit upright. It is not the ideal booster for kids who are very young and doesn’t sit upright. If you are not using the latch, use the seatbelt to lock the seat when you’re not driving with a child.



  • 100% Polyester premium and plush fabric
  • The construction of the booster is solid and well made for kids safety
  • Assembling the booster is very easy as it is integrated with latch connectors and adjusters, but using the latch is not required and can be avoided
  • An easy-to-use dial on the back of the seat adjusts up to 20-inch width to accommodate the shoulders as children grow broader
  • The headrest is easily adjustable up to 11-position according to your child’s height
  • It is comfortable, convenient,sturdy, and designed with safety as a key priority
  • It has a cup and snack holders for the kids to enjoy a snack, water, or juice while on the journey. The cup holders can be tucked in when it’s not being used
  • A forward facing booster that can accommodate children up to 63 inches taller and weighing 120 lbs
  • It has side impact protection with deep aluminum walls and EPS foam lined for additional safety
  • It has adequate leg space for comfort, for children growing in height
  • Easily removable cover and easy to store
  • If the booster is hitched in securely, the booster will recline with the seat of the vehicle
  • It can be used backless and still be comfortable to use
  • It can be washed in a washing machine
  • It is a stylish and comfortable booster for your child to travel in style
  • Designed for children who are constantly growing everyday
  • It can easily be stored and packed with the flat fold for traveling
  • The base is quite wider, and hence it is difficult to use the seat belt
  • Few customers complained the padding is too less with a very thin cover on the seat and backrest
  • Backrest does not lock into the bottom section. Hence, whenever the booster or seat is moved, the fitting in the back comes off quite easily
  • Since the seat is quite wide at the base, few customers complained that they found it difficultto buckle the seatbelt



For the safety and comfort of your children, this is a must-have product. It will ensure your child’s safety, and you can travel with peace of mind. Read the instruction manual before you install the booster. The instruction manual comes along with the product and also available online at https://us.diono.com/product-manuals/. The instruction manual is tucked on one side underneath the booster in a mesh pocket.

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