Chicco Booster Car Seat Reviews 2019

ChiccoKidFit booster is by KeyFit and NextFit who are rated as the number 1 makers. The kidFit booster is perfect for kids transitioning from 5 point harness to seat belt. The KidFit booster is ideal for children above 4 years old. Children need a booster that is comfortable, durable, stylish and safe. For children growing in height and weight, you must have an adjustable booster to fit their head, shoulder, seat, and leg. The adjustment of the height is from the waist which gives uniform protection both for shoulder and head.


It is designed to protect the kids from side-impacts with adjustable positions. DuoZone technology used in the kidFit booster has 10 adjustable positions to protect their head and shoulder from side impacts. The position of the headrest can be adjusted according to their height and broadness of the shoulder. Some boosters have adjustments for the headrest, and it gives support only for the head. However, KidFit is designed intelligently to support shoulder as well as the head.

Easy to Install

It is easy to install the ChiccoKidFit booster in your car. It has 6 pieces of attachments – seat, back, 2 armrests, and 2 cup holders. The built of the booster is very sturdy. The seat is quite light in weight. The booster has push buttons that help to secure it to the frame of the car. The kidFit remains in place because of the Latch connectors and the SuperCinch tightener that can be pulled in just one-pull. It hasa multiplying force connector that attaches easily. The kids can get in and out of the KidFit easily. chicco booster car seat reviews 2019


The padding is of double foam, and the design of the seat is contoured that provides support and cushioning to adequate areas. The ErgoBoost cushion provides comfort and support for the kids. The opening for the shoulder belt inside the guide is placed on top. The belt securely stays in place and will not slip away or out from the guide. The backrest is with 2-position adjustments. It reclines comfortably to mimic the seat position of the vehicle. The backrest can be taken off for older kids. The older kids prefer backless booster compared to the high back booster.

Whom is it right for?

It is ideal for a long journey with kids. They will feel comfortable with double foam padding. They can even fall asleep comfortably with good support for their head in the booster. They will not wake up with a headache or pain in the back as it has double foam padding. The 2 cupholders can fold to give space. It is functional and is easy to remove and clean. The cup holder is a dish wash safe. Since the cup holder can be folded away, it provides ample space to place another booster. chicco car seat reviews

More Features

The covers of seat pad and armrest are removable for washing. It can be washed in a washing machine. The back can be converted into a high back or backless as per the requirement. For children weighing 30 to 100 lbs can use the high back booster whereas, 40 to 110 lbs children can go for a backless booster. It is a perfect booster for kids who are ready to move from a harness to a seat belt booster.


This safe, comfortable, stylish, and atmosphere color booster is quite reasonably priced. As per the quality and technology used, the booster is available at a good price to not break your budget or bank balance. The dimension of the item is 28 x 19 x 8.5 inches, and the item weight is 10.2 lbs. The booster is for use for road travels, and it is not recommended to be used for flight travels. It has a life span of 8 years. Buckle the seatbelt with the booster when it is not used by a child, to avoid it from moving forward during a crash or accident.





This is one of the highly rated boosters by most customers. It is made of premium quality and fabric to make both long and short journeys comfortable for children. The high-quality technology used in the booster gives peace of mind to the parents as they feel secure when their child is buckled in the KidFit booster. The belt fits excellently. It has a lap belt and shoulder belt to keep your child secure in place. The shoulder belt can be used in a backless mode as well. It comes with a strap or clip which is stored underneath the base. In case your child grows taller and doesn’t need the backrest any more, you can use the strap.

In some cars, the head restraint will interfere with the booster headrest. If it does, remove the vehicle headrest or recline the seat in a position that will work for the child to sit comfortably. Also, try to raise the vehicle headrest and see if that works.